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IT Solutions

Network Solutions

Your network infrastructures Local Area Network (LAN) , Wide Area Network (WAN) and Wireless Networks (WIFI) enables your business to run fast and efficiently. We offer complete networks solutions at reasonable costs.


Cabling installations are carried out to the highest standards, and our experienced engineering team ensure that the entire installation is fully tested using the latest technology before it is completed and signed off.


Access to your organization's network needs to be controlled. In today's rapidly moving business environment, the network needs to be protected from individuals and organizations that may plan to disrupt the services or obtain data delivered through your enterprise network. We offer complete security solutions and ongoing support. 

Backup Solutions

Data backup and recovery are essential parts of any business operation. Ensuring the ability to quickly recover your data and systems from a crash or disaster is our goal.  We offer local and cloud based backup solutions with fast recovery times.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions is the fastest growing area within IT infrastructure as people become more mobile and demand higher standards for their mobile services. Today, building fully secure mobile networks is straightforward. And a modern, well-built wireless network is just as secure as a traditional wired network.


Meeting Your Support Needs or Assisting Your IT Staff.

Custom plans take into consideration the quantity of onsite computers, servers, how you adopt technology and user computer ability. We also factor in IT budget, and how involved you want to be with your network. To customize an onsite maintenance plan for your business needs please contact us today and a informed and helpful Support Advisor call you to discuss your support needs.




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Excellent, very fast, professional and high quality service. We are very impressed!!

Tracey - ASBA Aruba

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